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Welcome to the W.S.D website If you are new to us I'd like to say welcome and where have you been!.

 I set up W.S.D way back in 2004 to produce miniatures that I wanted for myself and hoped that other people out there would want too. Anyway enough chatter from me please look around and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the contact page, see the links below, thanks for reading.



To view the pages on this website follow the links below.  For the miniature ranges please click on the picture you will then be taken to that page, for any other pages just click on the page name.

I have recently started a blog detailing what I'm up to outside of WSD to view please see below (this will take you to an outside website)



    Dick Garrison  -  Heroic 28mm Pulp Sci-fi



    Santa Claus Wars  -  Fun 28mm Miniatures



  Star Colony  -  20mm Sci-Fi Miniatures



    Miscellaneous Miniatures  -  The place to find the miniatures that won't fit anywhere else



    World War II  -  20mm late war Volksgrenadiers



    Land of the Crimson Blade  -  20mm Fantasy


 Scenics - A range of handmade pre painted rocky outcrops


 Market Place  -  New and Used Miniatures and other Wargames items


 Gallery  -  Painted pictures of W.S.D Miniatures


    Contact Us  -  Look  here for information on Ordering, Contact Us and Post/Packing charges


   My blog - detailing what I'm up to outside of WSD (This will take you to an external website)


 Links  -  to other websites


Last updated  22nd February 2017